BTS stills of the creation of "The Skull' - the debut film clip from Bitch Diesel. 35mm shots by Gunay.

Filmed by Tim Hillier.


For their latest track “The Skull”, Melbourne band Bitch Diesel step into the turrid waters of Australian politics. The basic message is simple: conservative politicians — well, Pauline Hanson — sell their followers nationalist dreams, but fail to truly protect and serve their constituents.

The Tim Hillier directed clip, set in Paulines infamous Ipswich fish and chip shop in 1993, with band members standing in for Hanson, Rob & Rob's bogan wife, it pretty much follows the same narrative. Only this time things get very literal, with a Basic Instinct style twist. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say there isn’t enough casual cannibalism in Australian political discourse.

The band were inspired by cult film Romper Stomper, and the “the impending racial and political doom it touches on.” Reflecting on Hanson’s politics they add, “We are repulsed that our beautifully diverse melting pot of a nation finds itself at a divide between hate/love because of ideals and beliefs that have no footing.”

Link to clip

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